The SMART Centre involved in Cholera response through water filter distribution

The rainy season in Malawi has lead to an increase in the cases of cholera in the past years. Recently there have been ongoing outbreaks of cholera Karonga, one of the Northern districts of Malawi which have taken lives.

As a response to the outbreaks the SMART Centre has distributed 100 Tulip Siphon filters to households in affected areas reaching an estimated 600 people. Before the distribution local staff of the CCAP Development Department together with government health officials were trained on the use and maintenance of filters.

After six months the SMART Centre will conduct follow-up visits to assess the usage and to draw lessons for future distributions.


Reinier VeldmanThe SMART Centre involved in Cholera response through water filter distribution
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Income effect of the Rope pump

Recently Robin Rosendahl, a student from Wageningen University conducted a research at the SMART Centre on the income effects of Rope pumps. As part of his research Robin visited 22 Rope pumps in and around Mzuzu.

Through the research it was found that, on average, the families increase their annual income with $180,- through the purchase and use of a Rope pump. This outcome further strengthens the case for the Rope pump and Self-supply.

If interested, the report can be downloaded through the following link: BSc Thesis – Rosendahl (2014) How do Rope Pumps Impact Household Income in Mzuzu

Thesis Robin Rosendahl

Reinier VeldmanIncome effect of the Rope pump
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Supporting Water for People

The SMART Centre is involved in a Self-supply project Water for People is managing in Rumphi area.

In August 2015 the SMART Centre trained a group of 10 new drillers in the manual drilling and the SMART Centre will follow-up their progress throughout the project as well as assisting Water for People in the procurement and distribution of quality supplies for their project.

The first results show a motivated group of drillers that have great potential of growing into independant, profit making businesses providing the communities of Malawi with clean and safe water.

Reinier VeldmanSupporting Water for People
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