Household Water Treatment

Household Water Treatment

Household Water Treatment (HWTS) allows for the treatment of water at the Point of Use (PoU), that is in the homes of people, right where they use it. Treating the water at the point of use prevents effects of recontamination between the drawing of the water and the use of the water.

The SMART Centre offers a range of filters and

other HWTS options and trains businesses in the marketing and sales of these. The aim is to build-up the supply chain and market for these technologies in order to increase access to safe water.

Filters are suitable technologies to distribute during disasters or calamities. In the past the SMART Centre has been involved in the distribution of Siphon filters as a response to flooding in the South of Malawi and a cholera outbreak in Karonga, Northern Malawi.

Currently the SMART Centre stocks and promotes the following filters and HWTS products:

  • Tulip Siphon filterĀ (link)
  • Tulip Table Top filter
  • Sawyer Bucket filter
  • Sawyer Bottle filter
  • Silver Ball Float


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