What & Why

The CCAP SMART Centre Malawi

The CCAP SMART Centre Malawi is member of the SMART Centre group www.smartcentregroup.com. This group is coordinated by MetaMeta.

Our vision is:

Safe water for drinking, water for productive use and sanitation with a focus on people in rural areas in Malawi.

Our Centre is unique because:

  • We have a range of innovative low cost technologies, the SMARTechs.
  • We train the local private sector in the production and maintenance of SMARTechs but also in new innovations and business skills.
  • We have the skills and facilities to test innovations before introducing them to the market.
  • We take the responsibility for long term follow up to assure the quality of our technologies.
  • We create a ‘Profit based sustainability’ because water points with SMARTechs are low cost, spares are available and it is based on the local private sector that will continue to thrive, in case the project ends, because they make profit.
  • SMARTechs reduce the cost of communal water supply and promotes and increases options for Self-supply (Private wells). Self-supply then results in increased family incomes and food security.
  • We are rooted in the (rural) communities through the cooperation with CCAP Development Department and the interaction with the local companies.
  • We ensure safety during the drilling and digging of wells through training and the development of safety tools.
  • The SMART Centre has a fully equipped workshop, which is used for trainings and demonstrations.
  • We represent the SMART Centre approach in (inter)national fora.


The CCAP SMART Centres encourages Self-supply; being water sources for and paid by families, but also train the local private sector in installation and repairs of new and existing communal water supply.


Some 4 Million people in Malawi do not have an improved water sources an 7 million do not have sanitation. Especially in rural Malawi numbers are increasing due to fast population growth. Climate change is affecting rain patterns and thus food production. Innovation in technology and approach is needed to decrease cost and increase sustainability of water and sanitation. The SMART Centre in Malawi can solve local problems, offer business support services and so build up supply chains of market based products.

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