SMART Centre Malawi

At the CCAP SMART Centre we are expanding the use of low-cost WASH technologies in Malawi. We provide training for local entrepreneurs in both production and business skills. The Centre has a range of innovative SMART technologies; Simple, Market based, Affordable, Repairable Technologies. For example, hand pumps, manual drilling and sanitation options are available.

Self-supply is encouraged; referring to water supply mainly financed by the users themselves. A privately-owned water supply can be used by its owner to make a profit as well. Our entrepreneurs are trained to perform maintenance, and with spare parts available we created a profit-based sustainability.

Training local entrepreneurs contributes towards our vision: ‘Safe water for drinking, water for productive use and sanitation with a focus on people in rural areas in Malawi.’

We are part of an international network of SMART Centres. For more information, visit SMART Centre Group.


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