Our main activities are demonstrating our SMARTechs and developing the private sector. This is being done by training local entrepreneurs in production and installation of our various SMARTechs. Furthermore, we provide them with training in business skills, provide supply chain development and policy advice. 

Our approach encourages Self-supply; a water supply mainly financed by the users themselves. It is estimated that 40% of all communal placed pumps are not working properly. With Self-supply, ownership is ensured. We have started encouraging owners to earn money with their water supply, for example by using the supply to water crops. This means someone is looking after the pump or well and maintaining it, as it is considered a source of income. This contributes toward creating a profit-based sustainability. 

Our vision is: ‘Safe water for drinking, water for productive use and sanitation with a focus on people in rural areas in Malawi.’


In rural Malawi, the need for improved water sources and functional sanitation is high. Around 4 million people do not have access to an improved water source, and 7 million do not have sanitation. Population grows rapidly, which increases the need for water and sanitation. 

Climate change is affecting rain patterns and thus food production. Rainy season accounts for 95% of the total annual rainfall. With the rainy seasons getting shorter, there is less water available for human consumption and for watering crops. This leads to food shortage.

Innovation in technology and approach is needed to decrease cost and increase sustainability of water and sanitation. The SMART Centre can contribute towards solving these local problems, offer business support services and build up supply chains of market based products.

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Our core business is training the local private sector in the production and maintenance of SMARTechs. We also provide training in various skills to improve a business and in new innovations. We ask a small contribution from all of our participants and hand out certificates after each training, provided participants have attended the full training. 

  • Rope Pump installation/maintenance
  • Rope Pump production
  • Manual drilling (SHIPO and Mzuzu)
  • Safety during well construction
  • Maintenance of hand pumps (Afridev/MarkV/Canzee/etc.)
  • Wire-cement tank construction
  • Installation of electrical (solar) pumps and solar panels
  • Low cost apron fabrication
  • Low cost sanitation (latrines and slabs)
  • Business skills
  • Use of a computer to improve a business
  • Groundwater recharge (3R)

Project guidance and management

With our track record for the SMART approach we have the skills and facilities to test our technologies, ensuring their quality. If you are in need of a well, pump or sanitation solution, feel free to contact us. We can link you to one of our entrepreneurs and help with the development of the project. 

  • Construction of wells
  • Installation of hand pumps
  • Installation of solar powered pumps and tank systems
  • Monitoring
  • Quality assurance


Our Centre has a range of various items available for purchase. If you would like to know wether they are currently in stock, feel free to contact us and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. 

  • SaFi Water Filters (9L, 21L and ceramic filter element)
  • Tulip Water Filter
  • Sawyer Water Filer
  • Flappers (SatoPan)
  • Quality PVC Casings and Fittings
  • Spare parts for various pumps

Demonstration ground

At our Centre in Luwinga, Mzuzu, we have a fully equiped demonstration ground where you can see how all of our SMARTechs work yourself. One of our staff members will gladly show you around and provide you with further information. 

  • Hand pump models
  • Sanitation options
  • Latrine pits
  • Solar Pump
  • Drip irrigation system