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Opening of water system at Blindschool, Ekwendeni

20160411_095808At the school for Visually Impaired in Ekwendeni (about 20km North of Mzuzu) the SMART Centre has recently installed a water system and constructed a wash basin. The project has been carried out in cooperation with the GZB and Cypressa.

The school now has a borehole and storage tank which will help to reduce the cost of running the school. The SMART Centre will also install solar panels to be able to pump water during blackouts.

To increase the hygiene situation at the school a washbasin has been constructed by Mr. Gondwe and Helbert Makonda, two of the entrepeneurs trained by the SMART Centre. The washbasin by the children to wash their clothes and to wash their dishes after the school lunch.




Reinier VeldmanOpening of water system at Blindschool, Ekwendeni