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Mzuzu Drill is catching up

The CCAP SMART Centre has recently held a training on the use of ‘Mzuzu Drill’.

Mzuzu Drill is a low-cost method of drilling a borehole which has recently been developed through the SMART Centres. With the method you are able to drill a shallow well of up to 12 meters within 2 days and it can also be used to deepen existing (hand dug) wells which have dried

During the training the 12 participants constructed two wells to evaluate two different bailers used to drill the well. So far, six other wells have been succesfully drilled for private clients and we managed to also deepen one well

Two staff members from the Jacana SMART Centre in Chipata, Zambia also participated in the training and it has helped to exchange experiences and tips & tricks.


Mzuzu Drill at the first site



Mzuzu drill at the second site



Reinier VeldmanMzuzu Drill is catching up