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January 2018 Training Program

From 16 – 26 January the CCAP SMART Centre is running a course in ‘Basic Manual Drilling’.

The Basic Manual Drilling training will train in the Mzuzu Drilling Technology. This basic manual drilling technology combines Auguring and Bailing is capable of drilling wells of up to 18 meters deep and is especially suitable for soft soils (sand, clay, small gravel). The method can also be used to deepen existing hand dug wells in order to ensure a year round supply of water.

Course topics are:

  • Course outline: Theory of Manual Drilling (Mzuzu Drilling)
  • Basic Geology
  • Mzuzu Drilling toolset
  • Safety during drilling
  • Drilling as a business
  • Includes practice in the field

Those interested can contact the CCAP SMART Centre through or

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