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Stockholm World Water Week: A Call for a Marshall plan with Africa

World Water Week 2019, Tele2 Arena – Photo by Mikael Ullén

At the 2019 Stockholm SIWI World Water Week, where the SMART Centre Group had its own booth and several presentations, a proposal was launched called ‘Marshall Plan for Water in Africa’. The proposal is focussed on clean water and safe sanitation in Africa by 2030. This initiative includes the need for vocational training, as done by the SMART Centres.

Clean water and Safe sanitation in 2030

On August 28th, the proposal for a ‘Marshall Plan for Water in Africa’ was presented. African water ministers and several non-governmental organisations presented the plan, focussed on guaranteeing all Africans clean water and safe sanitation by 2030. Proposers strongly believe water is key to a prosperous future for Africa. The plan includes a proposal for funding, which can be used to finance more opportunities in WASH. It is believed the plan holds a potential for many new jobs. Read the full press release here.

World Water Week

World Water Week is the biggest annual focal point for global water issues. This year it was held in Stockholm, in the last week of August. The SMART Centre Group was represented with its own booth, and provided presentations at several sessions.

A broader plan

The proposal builds on a much broader proposal, presented last year by German minister Gerd Müller: ‘Migration, Sustainability and a Marshall Plan with Africa’. This plan was created to boost Africa’s economy, create jobs, peace and gender equality, and reduce poverty, migration risks, healthcare costs and risks from climate change.

SimoneStockholm World Water Week: A Call for a Marshall plan with Africa

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