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The CCAP SMART Centre has moved

The CCAP SMART Centre has shifted from the premises of Wells for Zoe in Mzuzu to the premises of the Development Department in Ekwendeni. From there, the SMART Centre will look for a new location in Mzuzu to be based and where the demonstration ground will be set-up again.

In case you want to visit, please contact us through

Reinier VeldmanThe CCAP SMART Centre has moved
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Pictures and Symposium report published

The SMART Centre team looks back on a very successful Symposium with good participation, interaction and many lessons learned!

A report has been written with a summary of the discussions and activities of the Symposium. Also a selection of pictures taken during the Symposium has been published. Both can be access through the Symposium Report and Pictures link.



Reinier VeldmanPictures and Symposium report published
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