Report and Pictures

The SMART Centre team looks back on a very successful SMART Symposium. We are thankfull for the participation and the contributions made.

A summary of the presentations of the symposium has been written. The Symposium report can be downloaded through the following SMART Symposium report.

Pictures can be viewed through the gallery below.

Dr. Rev. Levi Nyondo during the official opening

Reinier Veldman during the introduction of the program

Henk Holtslag

Overview of participants

Sally Sutton presenting on Self-supply

Rik Haanen presenting on the Jacana Approach

Overview of participants

Rianne Veldman presenting on Faith and Water

Luwieke Bosma presenting on 3R programs of MetaMeta

Vandana Thottoli presenting on SMART Water for Agriculture

Paul Kiriinya sharing his experiences at Kaguru ATC

Overview of participants

Overview of participants

Joe DeGabriele presenting on HWTS

Overview of participants

Overview of participants

Overview of participants

Overview of participants

Overview of participants

Henk Holtslag introducing the SMARTechs

James Mhango presenting the findings of the Rope pump research

Andrew Kamanga presenting on the Rope pump research

Some of the CCAP SMART Centre staff

Overview of the participants

Reinier Veldman presenting

Rik Haanen presenting on the Jacana approach

Driller Elias Mzumala explaining about his background

Overview of the Symposium room

Overview of participants

Overview of participants

Overview of participants

Manual Drilling demonstration

Isaac Mkandawire explaining on the use of drill bits

Kickstart's 'Hip pump'

Explanation of direct well recharge

Explanation of drill log by Elias Mzumala

Overview of jetting manual drilling

Allex Chakwanira at his welding shop

FuturePump on display

Group picture after the visit to the CCAP SMART Centre

Sanitation showground @ CCAP SMART Centre

Tube recharge

Direct well recharge

Bailing, part of Mzuzu Drilling

Augering, part of Mzuzu Drilling

CCAP SMART Centre workshop

Speech by Paul Kiriinya during the dinner on Thursday

Dinner at A1 Restaurant

Elevated Rope pump at Mweso's workshop

Essau Mweso's workshop

Mr. Gondwe demonstrating the pedestal mould

Mr. Kennedy Gondwe showing the urine collected

Mr. Kennedy Gondwe demonstrating the compost toilet

Mr. Elias Mzumala at the student hostel, built with proceeds from drilling

Model 3 Rope pump at Mr. Israel

Low-pressure drip irrigation at Mr. Israel

Group picture on the last day

Reinier VeldmanReport and Pictures