Symposium Presentations

The slides of the presentations presented at the SMART Symposium can be accessed below. The presentations are available in the .pdf format.

Day Topic Presenter Link
Tuesday 13 Nov Faith and Water Rianne Veldman Faith & Water (1 Mb)
Farmer Clubs/Well Clubs Henk Holtslag Farmer club, Well club (1 Mb)
From community to private ownership Rik Haanen From Community To Private Ownership (7 Mb)
Self supply Sally Sutton Self supply (1 Mb)
Water Harvesting (MetaMeta) Luwieke Bosma Water harvesting, Roads and Sponge City (6 Mb)
SAFI Water Treatment / filters Joe DeGabrielle Safi Water Treatment (34 Mb)
SMART Approach Henk Holtslag SMART Approach (3 Mb)
SMART Water for Agriculture (SNV Kenya) Vandana Thottoli SWA Presentation (4 Mb)
Wednesday 14 Nov Rope pump Research James Mhango and Andrew Kamanga Rope pump Research (4 Mb)
HWTS options Henk Holtslag HWTS options (1 Mb)
SMARTechs Henk Holtslag SMARTechs (2 Mb)
Try and Buy pilot with filters Rianne Veldman Table Top Filters (1 Mb)
Tube Recharge Henk Holtslag The Tube recharge (1 Mb)


Reinier VeldmanSymposium Presentations