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SMART Centre’s approach regarding COVID-19

As we all know by now, the coronavirus is a global pandemic no country can escape. The amount of people infected is growing exponentially, and the novel virus is the talk of the town. But unfortunately, the facilities to slow down the spread of the virus here in Malawi are limited. The SMART Centre Malawi wants to contribute. But in order to do so, we need your help.

Slow the Spread

By now, most bigger stores and public spaces in cities have facilities to wash your hands. But rural Malawi is often overlooked. On the markets located on the outskirts of Mzuzu many people gather to do their daily shopping. There are limited facilities to wash your hands. Furthermore, there are many healthcare centers without decent handwashing facilities, let alone clean drinking water. Our aim is to change this.

We have submitted a project proposal to Wilde Ganzen, which has been approved. This means they will double any amount you donate.

Woman washing hands at the market


  • Placing handwash facilities at local markets.
  • Placing handwash facilities at healthcare centers in rural areas.
  • Placing water filters at healthcare centers in rural areas.
  • Spreading reliable and understandable information regarding COVID-19.
  • Informing people about low-cost WaSH solutions.

The handwashing facilities are locally made by entrepreneurs trained by the SMART Centre. With this approach, we hope to slow down the spread of the virus in rural parts of Malawi while remaining true to our mission.

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