The CCAP SMART Centre regularly publishes a newsletter, technical manuals, reports and (conference) papers. The resources can be accessed through the following links.


Topics Date Published Link
  • Introduction
  • Safety first / toolbox meeting
  • Interview with Centre Manager, Reinier Veldman
January 2018 Jan 2018
  • Meetings
  • Mzuzu Drill training
  • Interview with James Mhango and Andrew Kamanga
April 2018 April 2018
  • Doing what we want to do
  • Do you make any profit?
  • Interview with Patience Gondwe, civil worker
June 2018 June 2018
  • 12 newly trained Area Mechanics
  • Certified entrepreneurs
  • SMART Symposium
  • Video of Mzuzu Drilling
  • Interview with Aaron
September 2018 Sep 2018
  • “We are busy”
  • Open day
  • Faith and Water
  • “Do you make any profit? (2)”
  • How to reach the last mile with SMARTechs – SMART Symposium
  • Interview with Peter Kayira, driller
December 2018 Dec 2018
  • New year, new chances!
  • Presentations of the SMART Symposium available
  • Safe Water for All in Malawi
  • New colleague: Johan Winnubst
  • Video interview with Mr. Chimaliro, Procurement Officer
March 2019 March 2019
  • Holidays and a new writer
  • Renewal of Certificates
  • A successful Apron training
  • Two more months to go
  • Interview with James Shaba, driller
June 2019 June 2019


There are manuals available for the technologies in which the CCAP SMART Centre trains. The most recent manuals can be accessed through the website of the Jacana SMART Centre in Chipata, Zambia and the website of the SMART Centre Group. Specific manuals can also be requested through

Papers, posters, presentations and reports

As part of building track record and gathering evidence for the SMART approach several publications have been published in the past years. Some can be accessed through the SMART Centre Group website. Others can be accessed through the links below.

Title Author(s) Link Venue
The impact of Rope pumps on household income in Mzuzu, Malawi Robin Rosendahl Report BSc-thesis
An evaluation of user adherence and perceptions of ceramic water filters in response to the 2015 Malawi flood Kirsten Fagerli Report SMART Centre
Improving Self-supply water sources as a key
to reach the water related SDG
Henk Holtslag and Jim McGill Paper WEDC, 2015
The Tube recharge: Rainwater storage at a cost of 1 US$ per cubic meter Henk Holtslag and Jim McGill Paper WEDC, 2015
Smart Water Solutions: Innovative low-cost and locally produced water technologies that reduce cost of rural communal supply and increase options for Self-supply. Reinier Veldman, Henk Holtslag, Jim McGill Paper / Poster Waternet, 2015
Safe water in flooded areas with low-cost water filters: an experience with Siphon filters after the floods in Malawi. Reinier Veldman, Kirsten Fagerli, Henk Holtslag, Jim McGill Paper Waternet, 2015
The Tube recharge: an extreme low cost option for rainwater storage Henk Holtslag, Reinier Veldman Paper Waternet, 2015
Tulip Household Water Filter, “Try & Buy” Concept Ferry Akbar Buchanan, Rachel Molloy Report SMART Centre
A market-based approach to scale up sustainable rural water supply: experiences from Tanzania Annemarieke Maltha, Reinier Veldman Paper WEDC, 2016
Household Water Filters for Emergencies:
An experience with Siphon filters after the floods in Malawi
Reinier Veldman, Jim McGill Paper / Poster RWSN, 2016
Livuwu Follow-up survey report for:
Household Water Treatment and Safe storage (HWTS) Pilot Project in Nkhata Bay North
Danielle Curtis, Shaifali Prajapati Report SMART Centre
The introduction of a water filter in rural Malawi: An analysis of changing drinking water practices Christel de Bruijn Report MSc-thesis
Evaluation of Rope pumps as sustainable water supply option in rural and peri-urban areas of Malawi James Mhango, Andrew Kamanga Report SMART Centre
Assessment of the functionality of Rope pumps for sustainable water supply in rural areas of Malawi Andrew Kamanga, James Mhango, Reinier Veldman Paper WEDC, 2018
Acceptability of Rope pump technology as a water supply option in Rural and Peri-Urban areas of Malawi James Mhango, Andrew Kamanga, Reinier Veldman Paper WEDC, 2018
SMART Symposium Report CCAP SMART Centre Report SMART Centre
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