Afridev hand pump maintenance training @ CCAP SMART Centre

As part of the training program, the SMART Centre offers trainings in the maintenance of hand pumps commonly found in Malawi. Daniel Lweya, one of the interns at the SMART Centre reports on the recent Afridev Maintenance Training:

“The installation and maintenance of Afridev pump training took 3 days. The mode of training was good. We received both theory and practical lessons through experienced trainers; Aaron Msiska and Kayipa Banda. Both were well prepared for the training. We managed to visit three sites where maintenance was carried out, namely SMART Centre demonstration ground, Lusangazi village and Geisha primary school.

Within three days of training, nearly every trainee was familiar with components and functionality of Afridev parts, dismantling and reassembling a pump as well as identifying a problem at a water point before dismantling.

Participants were enthusiastic to start maintaining Afridev pumps and promised to work hard in their localities. For instances, 4 participants who attended the training have been picked to work in rehabilitation of 5 Afridev Borehole in Karonga district. The project will help them to expand their knowledge on the same.

I personally want to thank the SMART Centre for all trainings they are offering. I’m now exposed to practical and technical work, the concept which is usually missing in our university in Malawi.”

Reinier VeldmanAfridev hand pump maintenance training @ CCAP SMART Centre
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Second newsletter CCAP SMART Centre published

The CCAP SMART Centre has published its second newsletter. The newsletter covers the activities of the past months as well as interviews with some staff members. The newsletter can be accessed through the following link: Second newsletter.

Reinier VeldmanSecond newsletter CCAP SMART Centre published
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International Training Course: “Market-led SMARTechs for water and agriculture”

The SMART Centre and SNV are organising an introductory short course to provide policy makers and practitioners in water and agricultural management with a holistic set of knowledge and skills to take water and agricultural initiatives to the next level, to become true agents of change and accelerate reaching several SDGs simultaneously.

The course will take place from 19 – 23 March 2018 at the CCAP SMART Centre in Mzuzu, Malawi.

The course schedule is divided into the following themes:

  • The SMART Centre approach
  • SMARTechs for agriculture and productive use
  • SMARTechs for water and sanitation
  • Business development, marketing support and coaching

For registration please send an email to info@smartcentremalawi.com, enclosing a CV as well as a short motivation letter (max. 400 words). Applications should preferably be received by the 27th of February to ensure ample visa processing time.

For more information you can access the flyer through the following link: International training course flyer



Reinier VeldmanInternational Training Course: “Market-led SMARTechs for water and agriculture”
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January 2018 Training Program

From 16 – 26 January the CCAP SMART Centre is running a course in ‘Basic Manual Drilling’.

The Basic Manual Drilling training will train in the Mzuzu Drilling Technology. This basic manual drilling technology combines Auguring and Bailing is capable of drilling wells of up to 18 meters deep and is especially suitable for soft soils (sand, clay, small gravel). The method can also be used to deepen existing hand dug wells in order to ensure a year round supply of water.

Course topics are:

  • Course outline: Theory of Manual Drilling (Mzuzu Drilling)
  • Basic Geology
  • Mzuzu Drilling toolset
  • Safety during drilling
  • Drilling as a business
  • Includes practice in the field

Those interested can contact the CCAP SMART Centre through reinier@smartcentremalawi.com or info@smartcentremalawi.com.

Leaflet Training Jan 2018

Reinier VeldmanJanuary 2018 Training Program
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Exciting results from Try and Buy filter pilot in Usisya

Recently the CCAP SMART Centre and Temwa, together with two Virginia Tech students, visited Usisya for a half year follow-up survey of the Try and Buy filter pilot. The survey has generated some exciting and interesting results on the adoption rate, the willingness to pay for filters as well as health effects of using the filter.

Some highlights:

  • Off the households that collected the filter, 98% decided to keep the filter and pay for it after the Trial period has ended.
  • At least 80% of the households use the filter all the time.
  • Almost 90% of the households reported a drop in the frequency of diarrhea after they started using the filter.
  • Improved health, ease to use, taste & appearance of the water were key factors for households to decide to purchase the filter.
  • Over 95% of the users was able to demonstrate how to properly clean the filter.

Based on the findings a report has been written which can be downloaded through the link below:

Follow-up report Livuwi, Usisya

Reinier VeldmanExciting results from Try and Buy filter pilot in Usisya
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UNICEF and DfID support Self-supply in Malawi

UNICEF and PumpAid have recently published a great video showing the effect of the SMART Centre work


The CCAP SMART Centre has been involved in a self-supply program of PumpAid funded through UNICEF and DfID. As one of the activities the SMART Centre trained area mechanics in the installation and maintenance of Rope pumps. Our welder in Kasungu, Mr. Brighton Kaniki was also involved in the self-supply program as supplier of pumps.


Recently, PumpAid published a short video portraying some of the businesses trained by the SMART Centre, showing promising results. This video shows the effect and potential of the SMART Centre work and the self-supply program of PumpAid.

Reinier VeldmanUNICEF and DfID support Self-supply in Malawi
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CCAP SMART Centre at RWSN conference

The SMART Centre Group and the local SMART Centres will be represented at the RWSN conference in Ivorycoast. The conference will take place from Tuesday November 29th – Friday December 2nd.

Reinier VeldmanCCAP SMART Centre at RWSN conference
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Mzuzu Drill is catching up

The CCAP SMART Centre has recently held a training on the use of ‘Mzuzu Drill’.

Mzuzu Drill is a low-cost method of drilling a borehole which has recently been developed through the SMART Centres. With the method you are able to drill a shallow well of up to 12 meters within 2 days and it can also be used to deepen existing (hand dug) wells which have dried

During the training the 12 participants constructed two wells to evaluate two different bailers used to drill the well. So far, six other wells have been succesfully drilled for private clients and we managed to also deepen one well

Two staff members from the Jacana SMART Centre in Chipata, Zambia also participated in the training and it has helped to exchange experiences and tips & tricks.

Reinier VeldmanMzuzu Drill is catching up
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Successfull Open Day at the SMART Centre

The CCAP SMART Centre team recently organised an Open Day for CCAP colleagues. Staff from different departments of the CCAP, Synod of Livingstonia, passed by to appreciate and learn more on the technologies the SMART Centre is promoting.

In the weeks before the Open Day the team worked hard to further build-up the demonstration ground through the installation of a number of pumps, the building of toilets and other SMARTechs.

An Open Day for the general public will follow soon.



Reinier VeldmanSuccessfull Open Day at the SMART Centre
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